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The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide Review

March 29, 2012  |  Life  |  Share

This very practical ebook was just released by Robb Wolf. The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide. I was lucky enough to get it a few days early, so I dove right in and wrote this quick review for you.

Our family has been eating a Paleo diet for almost three years now, so needless to say we have figured out a few of these tips ourselves. But in no way am I saying that if you are a Paleo regular or whatever that you shouldn’t purchase this ebook. Because you should. It is loaded with all kinds of goodies.

There are links to audio bonuses of Robb telling us how it is. To awesome recipe links and everything in between. On Robb’s site they go through an overview of the book that is very detailed. You can read it here. But I will put a few more cents in on some of the points that I really liked.

One of the first things that popped out to me was how he talked about necessities. Obviously you need shelter, good quality food and some clothes for your back, but do you really need that $500 phone with unlimited data or those 900 cable channels. Probably not. I know we have cut back on a ton of these type of extravagances.

I believe that the most important thing you can spend your money on is food. Here in the U.S. we spend somewhere around 7% of our income on food. That’s it. Where other parts of the world can spend up to 50%. The reason being we buy really cheap crappy food. Then people wonder why we are all sick, unhealthy and over weight. Its not rocket surgery. We as a family gladly spend a lot more than 7% of our income on food. We also spend a lot less on other things. We don’t live out of our means and don’t have to pay a ton for health care. (Knock on wood) Because, we are healthy. Why? Because we eat good quality food. I understand your situation might be different. Just take a few minutes to really think about what you spend your money on. I am sure you could spend $20 less dollars on jeans. Or just cut back on some expenses.

Sorry for going into a rant there. Back to the book.

One idea later in the book that really hit with me. Probably cause I have been talking about doing  it for a while. Is keeping a price journal of the food you buy. When we go shopping we hit up a few stores and a farmers market some weeks. And are also part of a CSA. The reason being is I have learned where I can get certain foods cheaper. But keeping a price journal is a great idea. That way there is no guessing. I won’t go into to much more detail since you should probably just buy the ebook.

The book also goes through the usual ideas about buying in bulk, seasonal, local, buying cow shares, joining CSA’s etc. But he lays it out in a very simple manner that makes all of this very accessible. There are charts and links to help you through each step. And even though our family has been Paleo for awhile now, I am going to read through this book again and print out all these helpful charts and revisit all the awesome links. I could always stand to save a few bucks. Maybe use the money I save on a pastured pig. More good quality food.

One of the last points I want to talk about is snacks. Robb talks about snacks a little in the book and I like his approach of snack kind of being a dirty thing. I will be honest, we don’t eat many snacks. They only time any of us really grab for something is when we are bored or if we just didn’t finish our previous meal. If you are eating a complete meal when you are hungry, most of you should probably be able to make it to your next feeding without any snacks. But, it happens and he lays it out pretty simple for you. Snacks don’t have to something out of a vending machine or a wrapper. Just eat more of the same food you would eat at a meal, just not as much. But, Robb lays it out there for you.

So, I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. Regardless if you are a newbie to Paleo or a seasoned vet. Even if you don’t eat Paleo and just want to see how you can save on real food. This book is for you. Of course spending the cash on this book could be spent instead, buying a few pounds of grass-fed ground beef. Oh but who am I kidding. You should still buy it.

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  1. So cute that you said “rocket surgery”….. a mix of rocket science, and brain surgery. I love creative language, way to go!!! And, love your “stuff”.

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