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Beyond Bacon Review and Giveaway! Wahoo

July 2, 2013  |  Food, Life  |  Share

I was able to help The Paleo Parents test out some of their recipes for the book, so I have been excited for a long long time to receive a copy of this book. And wholly pig they did not disappoint. This is way more than I expected.  The recipes alone are worth the price of the book. But the recipes aren't all that they provide you with. The book starts off with a foreword by none other than Joel Salatin. If you don't know who Joel is, Google it. You will love him, I guarantee it. Then Stacey and Matt layout the whole process of the pig. From why you should focus on pasture raised pig, what cuts to get to the sciencey side of benefits of the pork to the so called Hazards of pork. The most informative part for me was the basics section. How to smoke pork, how...

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How strict do You Have to be with a Side of Cabbage and Meat Muffins

February 21, 2011  |  Food, Uncategorized  |  Share

I am always inspired to write a new blog post after listening to The Paleo Solution podcast. This morning is no different. Robb Wolf was asked a question about cheat meals. This is an interesting topic and I will try not to ramble to much, but I have a few thoughts and totally agree with Robb on this one. First off, I hate how its called a cheat meal. When I was following a more Primal Blueprint approach which is an 80% to 20% lifestyle plan I found myself cheating to much. I do agree that as long as you are following a Paleo type diet at 80% compliance, than you are doing great and probably doing a lot better than you were before. But I wanted to do better and I was allowing myself to slip to much. I wanted to be eating better. I know what I am supposed...

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