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Primal Palate double whammy.

November 15, 2013  |  Food, Uncategorized  |  Share

So, I feel like a little bit of a jerk. Bill and Haley were nice enough to send me copies of their two amazing new books and I forgot to post it. You might have noticed that we have been a little absent around here lately. I love this blog and sharing with you all, but I am trying to spend more time with my family and more time working on two other business ventures. More to come on those lately. The reason recipes of also been scarce is pretty plan and simple. We haven't been creating new recipes. We have been keeping our diets pretty simple lately. For health and time reasons. It seems to be working for us. I am trying to decide wether to keep this site going. My time is just spent elsewhere right now. We will see. Now for the review... I have in my hands a...

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