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I’m Bringing Sexy Back!

November 13, 2013  |  Food, Princess Paleo  |  Share

The title says it all. I’m finally doing something for me. Yes I’m so called “skinny” but if you asked me to run a mile. My heart would combust. I would never say that I let myself go after having kids but I would admit that I didn’t make time to actually be fit. What I mean by fit (my standards) is someone that could lift their own body weight if needed to climb over a fence or maybe get a few pull ups in. Or maybe if someone tried to harm me that I could sort of defend myself. I am a former athlete and it sickens me the way that I have “let myself go.” I’m trying really hard to tell myself that I’m not 16 anymore & that I need to re-establish those neuropath- ways of muscle memory. I’m just “a little” uncoordinated at times. I’m starting my second...

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