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Ground Beef Jerky Recipe (Nightshade Free)

May 1, 2013  |  Food  |  Share
Ground Beef Jerky Recipe (Nightshade Free)

A few months ago a purchased an awesome jerky gun. I bought it at Cabela's when I was picking up my 1/2 cow in the parking lot. Fitting right. I bought it here because they had a high quality stainless steel model. I didn't want to get plastic because I have heard they can break. But, if you just want to try out a cheaper option totally go with a plastic one. I love my jerky gun. Plus I am able to use ground beef which is so much cheaper than buying a hunk of meat. I made two different recipes. Mainly because I wanted to tweak one and came up with a whole different recipe. I ran out of Coconut Aminos so I had to improvise. It worked out though. Although I have no idea what to call the recipes. Also, I didn't use any nightshades because I am in the...

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Barefoot or Minimal footwear. And some Jerky!

March 13, 2011  |  Food  |  Share

I am kind of getting obsessed with this minimal/barefoot style shoe thing. It started with a pair of Nike Sneakerboats. They are a aqua socks. I really like them, but my feet get a little sweaty when wearing them for an extended period. And they actually look like regular shoes. When I bought them they were on sale cause they had already been discontinued. I do however like to wear them to the gym for days I am lifting weights. They give a little protection and are pretty comfy as long as you aren't wearing them for an extended period of time. I then bought a pair of Nike Free 7.0 shoes. I really wanted the 3.0 version, but they just did not feel very stable. So I went with the 7.0. They are OK for daily wearing, but are not barefoot style shoes. This is how they advertise them, but...

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