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My Paleo, Primal, Ancestral, and JERF Resources

June 28, 2012  |  Food, Life  |  Share

I have been inspired to write a post like this a few times over the past couple of weeks. At the Kettlebell Gym I go to, a few of the other crazies that get beat down on the regular have been talking about a clean eating challenge. They have been asking me about recipes and what is Paleo. Also, Cave Girl Eats posted a pic of her fridge the other day that made me think if people would be interested in seeing what is in my Kitchen. Well, wether you are interested or not I am still going to post this. It is a little difficult for me not to get to complicated with talking about Paleo. I love this lifestyle and have been living it for three plus years and am still figuring it out. I will try to keep it simple and look back to when I first started out.

So what is this post going to be about? It isn’t going to be about what Paleo is and why we avoid grains, etc. Well I might go off on some tangents, but for the most part I am going to try and give you resources to help you get started. Like recipes and tools needed to start you food journey. I am sure this will probably take on a life of its own, and develop into a gigantic post. =)

Are you new to Real Food, Whole Food, Paleo, Primal, Ancestral blah blah…? Well don’t worry what it is called or labeled as. I just try and convey a real foods diet. Avoid processed crap that comes in cans and boxes etc. Also avoid things with chemicals additives and preservatives.

Now that you are thinking about it, try these recipes. Believe me, you will not miss any crap ingredients, pasta, bread or anything like that and these are really easy recipes. Whenever I have friends or family over to eat they always love the food. I am not some super cook. I just use real ingredients and whole foods. It is really really hard to mess up when you keep it real. Also, I will try and not post to many of my own recipes. =) But of course I love them.

Sweet Potato Meatballs This is one of my most popular recipes and its super easy.

Big Pot of Bean-less Chilli Everday Paleo comes through with some amazing recipes. Most of them are not overwhelming at all. Just super simple time friendly recipes.

Grilled Pineapple Burgers with Spicy Avocado Cream I will say that PaleOMG is a great site. I little heavy on the treat site so stay focused when browsing. When you are starting off with Paleo I think it’s best to avoid treats. You really need to cleanse and not just fill your cravings with Paleofied treats.

This one might throw a few people off, but I feel this is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle. Homemade Bone Broth from Healthy Guts. Bone broth is so good for you. Check out what The Paleo Mom says about it. We like to just warm ours up and drink it, but even better is using it as your base for soups and stews. The difference in taste vs. a store bought broth is insane. Homemade is so much better. And yes it is super easy. All you need is a slow cooker. Here is another recipe you can use broth for.

That should get you started for the first few days. But hey what about breakfast. Well I have said before that breakfast is just a word. Who says I have to eat typical breakfast type foods? Why can’t I just have some soup? Oh, wait I can. Yes, most days we will just have bacon, eggs, veggies and some sauerkraut and avocado. But when we have enough leftovers I have been known to have curry for breakfast. Oh I love curry for breakfast. Oh and I have a great recipe. =)

Now that you have tried these recipes, what’s next? I am assuming you loved the recipes, but want to know what is the point of following a Paleo type diet. I love my bread and pasta. I am sure you do. I once said the same thing.

What is the next step for you? That is your choice. Do you even care to know why you feel amazing with cutting out Grains, Sugar, Legumes (Peanuts and Beans), Milk, Soy, Processed junk like Hydrogenated seed oils etc.

If you want to know why, here are a few links that are pretty simple.

Fitbomb has a great post called “What is the Paleo Diet?” It might be a little long, but it is a lot quicker to read than Robb Wolf’s “The Paleo Solution”. More on that later. This post is entertaining and is my go to link for people interested in Paleo.

But here is Robb’s quick little intro. What is the Paleo Diet? That should be a nice little intro for you. Also, check out the links to the right on Robb’s page. He has some great downloadable PDFs to help you with meal planning and shopping.

Now, what’s next. Should you take a 30 day challenge? I think it is wise to  jump in and do a 30 day challenge. Its the only way to hold yourself accountable. Don’t just ease in if you think you will use that as an excuse to still eat some crap. Most people will feel so amazing after a 30 day challenge that they will stick with it, but if you just ease in you might not think its working. Also, if you don’t eat supper clean for 30 days. When you reintroduce your processed foods etc, you might not notice that it makes you feel crappy. Do what you will think will set you up for your best results. BUT, before you start you should clean out your house. Yes, even that snickers that is hiding in your sock drawer. Its only 30 days.

What do you need to clean out of your house? Don’t let this list scare you.
Grains–all grains should be removed when starting out. So no Pasta, Bread, Rice, etc. Not even gluten free packaged good. That stuff is usually processed crap.

Dairy–I know dairy tastes so good. All dairy should be removed. No Milk, cream chesse, butter etc. You can try to introduce dairy back in to your diet after the 30 days and see how you feel. When you reintroduce it try to stick with raw grass-fed milk and grass fed butter.

Legumes–No Beans, peanuts or soy. Yes a peanut is a legume, not a nut. I can’t even begin to tell you how much peanut butter I ate before going Paleo. Lets just say, TONS. But wait, aren’t beans a good source of protein. No. You know what is a better source? MEAT. And soy, eek. Stay away from soy. It does nothing for you. Well you may grow man boobs if you are into that. Check out the Whole9 Legume Manifesto.

Refined Sugar–Most of already know that sugar is horrible. Just avoid it.

Hydrogenated Oils–Like Canola Oil, Soy Bean Oil, Vegetable oil and any other hydrogenated oils. Check these awesome links from Balanced bites if you want to know more. Here here and here.

Processed Foods–Really 99% of stuff that comes in a box, can, bag or if it has a large label on it listing ingredients should probably be avoided. I can only think of a few things that we buy that come in a package. Coconut Milk, I like Aroy-D that comes in the tetra packs. It only has one ingredient-Coconut Milk. We try to avoid cans for the BPA reasons. We also like Seaweed that comes in a package.

Wow, you overwhelmed yet? I understand. A large portion of your diet may consist of these items listed above.

Are you wondering what you can eat? Easy.

Meats, Seafood, Veggies, Fruit and some nuts. The reason I say some nuts is because people tend to over due it on nuts. Also, be thinking about how much fruit you eat. Some will fill their sugar voids with tons of fruit and if you are trying to lean out or lose weight, fruit can kill your goals.

What if you would like to do a 30 day challenge? Here are a few links for great 30 day challenges.

Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Total Transformation

Whole9’s 30 Day Challenge

Maybe a 21 day Sugar Detox

Or maybe a 21 Day Total Transformation

Here are some of my favorite sites for recipes in no particular order.
Recipe Websites

Nom Nom Paleo

The Clothes Make the Girl

Everday Paleo

Primal Palate


Paleo Parents

Chow Stalker

Paleo Comfort Foods

Jen’s Gone Paleo


Civilized Caveman

Cooking eBooks

The Dark Side of Fat Loss will be listed again later, but when you buy it you get a free cooking ebook.

Paleo Diet Lifestyle

What if you don’t like looking online at recipes? Well we are so lucky because there have been some amazing cookbooks released lately.


Paleo Comfort Foods

Well Fed

Everyday Paleo

Make it Paleo

The Primal Blueprint

Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy

Eat Like a Dinosaur

Practical Paleo This is both a cook book and an information book. Releasing really soon.
UPDATE! Practical Paleo is my favorite book and I recommend it to everyone now.

Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook

Paleo Slow Cooking

If this isn’t enough recipes for you I don’t know what would be.

I hope this post isn’t getting to long. What other information do I want to throw your way.

How about some of my favorite Podcasts. I like listening to these podcasts on my commute. It’s a nice way to get up to date info. These podcasts are a nice way to stay up to date. These are a few of my favorites.


The Paleo Solution Robb Wolf The originator. Or “The Prince of Paleo” I think Loren Cordain probably holds the Kings crown.

Latest In Paleo Love his views on Paleo and stuff in the news. Really down to earth.

Underground Wellness Sean Croxton is all about your overall health. Take a listen.

Balanced Bites Hilarious and one of my new favorites.

Everyday Paleo Great for families.

Livin La-vida Low Carb Started out as a low carb show, but has really transitioned to Paleo lately.

Revolution Health Radio I like listening to this one, but will admit it can get a little to in depth for me at times. He is one smart dude.

Fat Burning Man I just started to listen to this podcast and it has a lot of great interviews.

Informational Websites.
Some of the sites listed below will vary in style. Some also include recipes along with great educational information. A few also include forums and links to their books and podcasts. Most of which are listed above.

Mark’s Daily Apple

Robb Wolf

Balanced Bites

Underground Wellness


Chris Kresser

Cave Girl Eats

The Primal Parent

Free the Animal

Hunt, Gather, Love

Healthy Guts

Wellness Mama

Oh man, I know I am missing a ton. This will get you started though. I will try and update this post later.

Informational eBooks

Dark Side of Fat Loss

The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide

Alright, do you want some books to read?

Informational Books

The Primal Blueprint

The Paleo Solution

Everyday Paleo I know I listed this above in the cookbooks section, but Sarah also gives you info about eating healthy and fitness.

It Starts with Food I am only 5 chapters in when I am writing this post, but I am LOVING this book. Probably see a review soon.

Practical Paleo MUST BUY!

Sweet Potato Power This is a nice quick read. It also has some great ideas for self experimentation to find out what works best for you.

The New Evolution Diet This was one of the first books I read about this type of lifestyle. It doesn’t get enough attention.

Primal Body, Primal Mind Is a little more complex, but is a good read.

Lights Out This isn’t diet related, but I believe stress and sleep are very important to a healthy life. This book is really eye opening.

There are lots of other books out there, but these are some of the best and most straight forward. Once you dive into a couple of these you will learn what you like to read about and can find more books on amazon.

Now what if you want a program that will take out most of the guess work and just want to start eating better. Check out Chris Kresser’s site and look at the links to the right. Beyond Paleo, Personal Paleo Code etc. These programs are designed to take out some of the guess work. You can get recipes and all kinds of info.

Fridge and Pantry

I will show you in a future post my fridge and pantry so you can kind of see what we have in our house and maybe even what kind of kitchen tools we use.


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