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“Practical Paleo” Book Review

August 1, 2012  |  Food, Life, Uncategorized  |  Share

I have been going back and forth on how I should start this post. I really can’t decide. So I will just start off by saying, WOW, this book is amazing. Diane from Balanced Bites, really hit it out of the park with this book. I wish when I started my Paleo journey that I would have had this book at my disposal.

I think this book will be accessible to everyone from a Paleo veteran to someone who eats cereal all day. You can tell a lot of thought went into the structure and layout of the book. The first part of the book is an intro to Paleo and why we should be eating whole foods. It’s very easy to understand. You get some of the science, but it is never overwhelming. Also included are some awesome guides. They are for quick references ranging from leaky gut, a guide to gluten and a guide to cooking fats. These same guides are also in tear out form in the back of the book so you can mount them to your fridge or carry them with you wherever you go.
My Favorite part of this section is about leaky gut and our digestion. I think this is a subject most people don’t know anything about, but it is probably the most important part of our health. Our digestion lays the groundwork for the rest of our body and health. In this section I also really liked how each subject was handled. She introduces you to the subject she is going to talk about and why is it important to our health. Then she explains what can go wrong. Finally she lets you know how to fix it.

The second part of the book is where Diane really excelled. If you purchase this book you have no reason not to succeed at bettering your health. This section runs through numerous meal plans from Blood Sugar Regulation to a meal plan for Athletes. After reading the first section you will probably get a few ideas about which meal plans you might be interested in from reading about certain symptoms. Then you can read through the Meal Plans where she explains them through listing concerns, things to avoid or add and list of supplements or herbs you could be taking. Then she lays out Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for you for 30 days. This is really so easy.

Finally the last part of the book. Time to start drooling. The recipes all look so good. We have already made the Lemon Rosemary Broiled Salmon.
Practical Paleo "Lemon Rosemary Broiled Salmon"

The Chorizo Meatballs served on Faux Mashed Potatoes.
Practical Paleo "Chorizo Meatballs"

and last night I made some of her Salsa nightshade free version with cucumber and pineapple. I added it to my morning eggs and it was wonderful.
Practical Paleo "Salsa"

They were all amazing, and I already have sticky notes on about a dozen other pages. On the recipe pages themselves she lists if the meals contain nuts, eggs, nightshades or FODMAPS. In some recipes she lets you know how you could make it nightshade free along with other ideas for switching up other ingredients.

In conclusion I can’t tell you guys enough how great this book is. This book is for anyone from Robb Wolf to Billy Joe Schmoe. If you are already eating Paleo you could still learn a lot from this book, plus get some amazing new recipes. Or you could just leave it on your coffee table and let your friends stumble upon it. I know if they flip through books like me (back to front) they will want to see more and will start asking questions.

I could babble on and on about this book. Not sure if you can tell how excited I am about it. If you don’t want to take my word for it go to your big box bookstore or I think even some costco’s and thumb through it. I know you will want to take it home.

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