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Our Responsibility. Part One.

February 27, 2013  |  Life  |  Share


I am going to try my hand at writing more posts, that aren’t just food recipes. I am sure the first few posts like this will be a little scrambled as I am not a writer and my thoughts are all over the place. I am not sure where to begin. I guess I could talk about my kids and how proud I was the other day at a Birthday party my oldest, Nolan 3.5 yrs. attended.

I was proud of him because there was pizza and cake to be had, but he turned it down for apples and the Paleo cookies that we brought. Of course he wanted more than the two cookies we gave him, but he was really hungry because he didn’t want to eat dinner before the party. Snacks have been a struggle in our house lately. At school he has been eating the snack provided, not the snacks we bring for him. Not sure how this is happening, more on that later. I was just so happy that he was able to turn these delicious looking foods that all the other kids were eating and totally didn’t care that his was different.

This brings up a few different points for discussion. Its our responsibility to instil healthy eating habits in our kids. Not stressing about your kids diets. How to set your family up for success in a world filled with crap that others consider food, that really isn’t. And, damn snacking, why is everyone obsessed with snacking.

To begin, I read this article  “Parents Must Take Responsibility For What Their Kids Eat” the other day and I agreed with most of what he had to say. Except he isn’t even a parent, so normally I would just discredit most of what he had to say. However I still agreed with the majority of the article. The article is about exactly what the title says. It is our responsibility to do the best we can, to make our children as healthy as possible. Stop be lazy and to educate ourselves and any caregivers of our children. Is this a easy thing to do. Hell no. Its a constant battle and always will be. People will think you are depriving your children of a child hood because they aren’t allowed to eat that candy bar. The thing is, in our house we don’t have anything that I wouldn’t approve of the kids eating. Yes there is a lot of fruit in the house and I don’t want them eating just fruit, but if they got into something while I was looking it wouldn’t freak me out.

So what about when my kids are at school like mentioned above. Well, when we were first looking at schools I asked the question “Can we provide our own snacks? My child doesn’t eat any grains, dairy or sugar.” They said it wasn’t a problem and that other kids had dietary restrictions ( I hate the word restrictions, more on that another time) and as long as you provide them with the snack, that’s what we will feed to them.

Everything seemed good and the school is incredible. Nolan is so smart and so well behaved at school. They even said he could skip up to the kindergarten class. But, about a month or two ago he came home from school and sat on the toilet for a awhile and it was not pretty. He had ate something that wanted out of his body right away. Well later that day he told us about how he drank chocolate. Yup, he had chocolate milk. Damn! And all he kept saying when I told him “We don’t drink Dairy” and explained to him why. He said “I don’t care it tasted good and I want more”. Hmmm. I guess the way were have been explaining things to him might not be working.

Now we are trying to put the responsibility more on his plate. So he feels like its his decision. Obviously its not completely his decision, but maybe this will help him feel more powerful about saying no or yes to certain foods. There is still the problem of him getting unapproved foods at school though. Since this initial milk incident he has come home multiple times having stomach pain and diarrhea. We have been telling him that he should say no and that his stomach hurts because of the food he ate. Not sure if its working yet or not. We shall see. Also, after the milk incident we talked to the teachers and they said they understood and that they just feed him what we bring. I guess he could be trading snacks or just sneaking it. So, since then we haven’t bothered the teachers again. We ave mentioned it a couple times, but we suspect one of the three teachers doesn’t agree with us. Lets just say, he was given fruit snacks one day and she thought it was ok. Well, I can’t possibly educate everyone on what real food is. That’s the main reason why we are trying to educate Nolan and let him know he is capable of making the right decision. I am not a helicopter parent. He can live with his decisions. Yes I know he is not even four yet. I am still there hovering in the distance when need be.

I try not to stress over these things. Atleast not in front of the kids. The last thing I want to do is give them a bad relationship with food. Food is fuel and is so enjoyable. I want it to stay that way. I mean he is only in Montessori school. What’s going to happen when he is in public school? I constantly hear stories about kids being rewarded with junk food. I have a few issues with this. Teachers are not educated in nutrition. And i guess even if they were I wouldn’t agree with it, but I just don’t believe they should be allowed to reward my kids with food. That creates an unhealthy relationship that I am trying to avoid. And the fact that its just sugar riddled crap just urks me so much. I almost want to just home school my kids. So, I know that he will probably eat some food every once in awhile that I would not be happy about, but when he is home or with close family or friends I know he is eating the best food possible. That’s the best I can do.

I have not stated all my thoughts on this post and have probably forgot to mention many things, but hopefully you can take this and learn a little from it or atleast entertain yourself for a few minutes.

I don’t want this post to get to long so I will do a part two that goes a little more in depth about snacking.



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