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Links of the Month – February

February 27, 2012  |  Links of the Month  |  Share

Rice. I always get the question, “What about rice? Asians are healthy.” Well over at Marks Daily Apple they try to answer this question.

This was the first time I have made it over to Food for the Family, but now it will be a regularly attended site. I have actually repinned some of her photos on Pinterest and didn’t know it. This post of her’s is great! It talks about organizing your kitchen and how it can save you time and money. I have plans like her to organize our kitchen too and hopefully this will motivate me a little.

Here Yahoo News talks about Mashco-Piro Indians. An uncontacted tribe in Peru.  It seems people are getting a little to close and there have been two incidents where people have been injured or killed by arrows thought to be shot by the Mascho-Piro. All I can say is leave them alone and stay away.

Stephan Guyenet from Whole Health Source wrote an article for PCC Natural Markets. PCC does it right. They are one of my favorite markets in the Seattle area. I just wish one was a little closer to me. The article “Paleolithic diets: Should we eat like our ancestors?” is great. He touches on Paleo and other ancestral diets along with diseases of affluence. I have heard Stephan talk twice and it doesn’t get old. Both times, including this article too were about the same subject matter, but each time I find something new. They also included some recipes.

The search for The Perfect Human Diet is coming out this month. I can’t wait to get the DVD.

I know I have linked to the Latest in Paleo podcast a few times already, but here is a link to a couple videos about food and more specifically GMO food.
I could really care less of what Dr Oz. has to say, but this is a pretty good video

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