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I’m Bringing Sexy Back!

November 13, 2013  |  Food, Princess Paleo  |  Share

The title says it all. I’m finally doing something for me. Yes I’m so called “skinny” but if you asked me to run a mile. My heart would combust. I would never say that I let myself go after having kids but I would admit that I didn’t make time to actually be fit. What I mean by fit (my standards) is someone that could lift their own body weight if needed to climb over a fence or maybe get a few pull ups in. Or maybe if someone tried to harm me that I could sort of defend myself.

I am a former athlete and it sickens me the way that I have “let myself go.” I’m trying really hard to tell myself that I’m not 16 anymore & that I need to re-establish those neuropath- ways of muscle memory. I’m just “a little” uncoordinated at times.

I’m starting my second week in Kettlebell training. I love the work outs & my coach. I love the competitive atmosphere. I’m actually only competing with myself right now since all the other athletes have been their awhile right now. But, I love pushing myself to my limits. Yet, I also have to keep in mind that I need to start out slowly. I’ve always been that person that thinks starting out running a mile at full speed is a good idea. And the end result is – I do that once & don’t continue to work out. I have made a commitment to myself & to my boys that I’m gonna bring my ass up off my legs & get a defined abdominal region again. That’s not my goal but hopefully a nice side benefit.

I obviously eat clean & that’s why my body is back to where is was before children. So I know for a fact that if you want to look fantastic then you better eat well. To get the last 7% of “sexy me” back- I’m going to swing some bells.

It’s funny that I thought I would be exhausted after working out & have no energy the rest of the day or the next few days. That is just not so. I have more energy throughout that day & night. If you don’t know I work nights during the week & get into bed sometimes after 11:30pm and get up about 6:30am the next day. My attitude is positive & love feeling sore again. I’m going to do this & “bring sexy back” yeah!

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