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Beyond Bacon Review and Giveaway! Wahoo

July 2, 2013  |  Food, Life  |  Share

I was able to help The Paleo Parents test out some of their recipes for the book, so I have been excited for a long long time to receive a copy of this book. And wholly pig they did not disappoint. This is way more than I expected.  The recipes alone are worth the price of the book. But the recipes aren’t all that they provide you with.

The book starts off with a foreword by none other than Joel Salatin. If you don’t know who Joel is, Google it. You will love him, I guarantee it. Then Stacey and Matt layout the whole process of the pig. From why you should focus on pasture raised pig, what cuts to get to the sciencey side of benefits of the pork to the so called Hazards of pork.

The most informative part for me was the basics section. How to smoke pork, how to render lard (this is a must, it is so good), frying, making your own sausage and more. Oh and I almost forgot, pork stock might be the best stock I have ever had. I made the Egg Drop Soup, wow.

I don’t think I can remember all the recipes we have tried so far. We are lucky and have easy access to quality pork, but here is a short list.
Egg Drop Soup
Cracklin Pork Belly
Rendered Lard
Apple Bacon Stuffed Pork Chop
Perfect Pork Chops
Potato Crisps
Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits
And a few others I can’t remember.

This book is for anyone. You die hard Paleo Carnivore or your stay at home mom that is scarred to cook. I just love the respect they have given the pig. I think a lot of people miss this about their food. They just consume it and never have a connection with it. If I am speaking to you this can be your gateway. They make it comfortable and will make you feel confident when you met your farmer or butcher for the first time.

I almost forgot, this book is also capable of being a coffee table book too. The photos and layout are awesome.

Now for the part you all have been waiting for. The GIVEAWAY!

A free copy of Beyond Bacon!

You may complete any of the tasks below for a chance to win. Complete the task and comment below to let us know. A separate comment for each task completed.


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Contest applies to only residents living in the Lower 48 of the U.S. Contest entry ends July 12th 2013 at Midnight.

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